So for some of us – remember when we could down ten shots a night and wake up at 8 AM for class the next day? And just 10 years later we down three light beers and getting up at noon for brunch is a miracle? Why do hangovers get worse with age?

Unfortunately, as was repeated ad nauseum (get it?) in our hangover video, we have no idea. We don’t even have a good idea if it’s even true that hangovers get worse with age. However, many people do report it, so here are the best guesses as to why.

It could be that young people’s brains are just more resilient. Young people have newer and fresher bodies that can better cope with injury, so maybe they can also better cope with damage caused by alcohol.

Or it could be that as you age, your body can’t produce enough of the enzymes necessary to digest alcohol, so like many East Asians, your body can’t break down the toxic compounds that alcohol turns into in your body quickly enough.

So what should you do about your worse hangovers (besides watch our alcohol videos again?) Drinking better filtered and more expensive alcohols could help. Eating more before you drink. Drinking water and taking an aspirin before going to bed maybe. And unfortunately, you might just have to be okay with a world in which you cut back on your drinking. Sad, we know.



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